Comment: I can accept the entitlement as opposed to welfare state idea

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I can accept the entitlement as opposed to welfare state idea


Just as an interesting aside - as I get older, I have a number of friends who consider themselves to be "conservative" on Social Security. They can't stand the idea of a welfare state and see themselves as anything BUT participants. They see Social Security as some sort of government annuity that they "paid into" simply because they paid Federal taxes called two names, that they had no choice in paying (and all the money went to the same place anyway).

Yet even though they HAVE "paid in", they participate in an aid program that is NOTHING AT ALL like a "paid in" annuity. It is EXACTLY LIKE a government assistance program, that begins when they retire, and ends when they die. Period.

A real annuity would have a residual lump sum, left when they die, and Social Security certainly doesn't provide that. And their benefits are never depleted like a real annuity would likely be eventually (their benefits never run out). They also get raises with the cost of living, just like any government assistance program. Annuities don't provide more funds when the cost of living goes up.

They are not getting benefits from any sort of annuity at all. They are on an age-related government assistance program.

They are also the first to say that there should be NO GOVERMENT RUN healthcare - even though they are ON government run healthcare in the form of Medicare. And they would never give it up.

My point here is not to knock Social Security or Medicare (I hope to be on both one day) or to call those "Welfare State Programs".

I just point out that a lot of people against government assistance are actually ON government assistance, though they think they are getting something else.

And in connection with my above post I say once again that many Democrats are just as under the thumb of the military/industrial complex as Republicans are.