Comment: Mind control

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Mind control

is a powerful thing.

A conspiracy is when two or more people engage in the planning or commission of an act...often a crime.

The overwhelming majority of people do not believe the Warren commission report...they believe there was a conspiracy to kill JFK.

Takes courage to face the truth and to be labeled a conspiracy theorist.

And I guess I really did not see WTC7 come down in 9 seconds in a free fall collapse.

I guess I really did not see 5 Israeli's filming the 911 attacks and then celebrate with flicking of their bics as the towers were impacted.

Guess I really don't see those strange looking clouds trailing across the skies.

Guess Hitler really didn't burn down the Reichstag.

Guess the gvt. really isn't spying on millions of people.

And so on and so on...

Of course, there is an easy way to solve the conspiracy theory problem. The gvt. and those that refute such theories can simply answer the questions that people like myself have with a rational explanation and then conspiracy theories will go away.

Unfortunately, they will not. I wonder why?