Comment: Maybe you should use a source that isn't propaganda.

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Maybe you should use a source that isn't propaganda.

Seriously? You are going to use as your source?

I have personally heard Richard Dawkins say in an interview that abiogenesis is a different discipline. And, just because there is a section in an evolution course about the theory about primordial soup doesn't mean it is part of evolution. That is a nonsequetur fallacy and an assumption based on coincidence. Darwin's theories, among other evolutionary theories, don't address it at all.

"It is only recently that some defenders of evolution have tried to divorce the origin of life from consideration." --- No, it has been that way for as long as I can remember, and I'm in my 40's. It was even brought up at the Scopes Monkey trial and the teacher who was the subject of the trial said he didn't know about the origin of life, that it was not part of evolution, and entirely possible it was a spark from a god - and that was almost a century ago.

"It’s probably because the hope of finding an answer is rapidly fading" --- That is just an outright propaganda lie. In the last decade there have been giant strides taken. They have created amino acids and proteins in a lab, there is much more knowledge about the atmosphere and the compounds in the ocean waters during primitive life, and they have discovered life in volcanic tracts in the ocean floor that are believed to be as close to those early forms of life as possible. They have even been studying other planets in other star systems by using these estimates of life compounds in Earth's infancy.

"Sophisticated machinery in even the simplest living cells makes the problem of a naturalistic origin ever more difficult" --- Another lie. Actually, it is more understood than ever, it is just the actual start on Earth that is not sure. There are some solid theories being formed from a few different hypotheses - some even using compounds found on comets and meteors as possible catalysts - another thing not known 20 years ago. No, it is not more difficult now.

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