Comment: yes, Hamilton was the neoCon prototype

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yes, Hamilton was the neoCon prototype

The Neocons aren't a passing fad. They have always been here and shall probably always be. Personally I find it beneficial [especially in this day and age] to not recognize Neoconservatism by narrowing in on what it is, but to broaden one's perspective by narrowing in on what is Jeffersonian and deeming anything that falls outside of that, Neoconservative. Ron Paul sets the Jeffersonian standard of today, and most every other politician I can think of in recent history bears Neoconservatism to some degree. It's not just those we distinctly know as "Neoconservatives". From Obama to Clinton, Bush, Santorum, even Buchanan to some degree, the Ron Paul Revolution has been no different from the Jeffersonian Revolution of 1800, an attempt tip to back the scales toward moral freedom and organic prosperity, to overturn the mercantilist establishment, to oust the Hamiltonian element from its seat of power.