Comment: Glad you understand Hamilton was a globalist...

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Glad you understand Hamilton was a globalist...

After all, he is the sole and principal reason why freedom has vanished. So much is misunderstood about Alexander Hamilton, it could likely fill up more than four separate books.

Today the public itself, is unaware for instance that Alexander Hamilton also called himself Alexander Levine and believed very strongly in large government producing more freedom. He slashed and cut all the veterans benefits, making money for himself and his house.

He was a typical politician, which is far more dangerous. People were duped by this man for many decades, and some still believe their freedom comes from coercion and servitude. They have no knowledge that their freedom comes from themselves. To defeat their globalist empire, you must do exactly like Thomas Woods says.

Bring back simple government, small government ideals that Jefferson showed are the only ones which work. Do not accept Hamilton's view anymore, he was the idol of FDR and all the others. He was a corrupt, and conspicuous globalist. Remember this and there will not be anymore dangerous government.

Hamilton believed in central authority and delegation so strongly, that it would seem to literally be sourced from another planet.