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I would like to hear your experience as well. I can't speak for others here at the Daily Paul, only myself.

This is very intriguing to me:

I rarely hear people speak of the same kind of experience I had when I gave up and turned to God.

Everyone has a different path to God, including me. I'm interested to hear others paths, including yours. And the positive reception to seth's post is encouraging. It means that people are interested to hear about other people's journeys, too, and not just rebroadcast headlines from Drudge.

It is like that story about all the blindfolded people at different parts of the elephant. Everyone is holding on to the elephant, and everyone is describing what they feel. Everyone feels -- and describes -- something different.

So can you see the foolhardyness of criticizing and attacking others? We're all just describing a different part of the elephant. Like Robert Anton Wilson said: Its all data! Don't get all personal about it.

Someone's describing the ear; someone's describing the leg; someone's describing the trunk; and someone's describing the tail, and comparing it to the end of the tail. IT IS ALL DATA! No need for Ears to get mad at Tail No need for Leg to get mad at Trunk.

It is data. What does the data describe? What is the big picture?

How do you even define the big picture?

At any rate, you have to make an attempt. What is the big picture that you're interested in seeing? And then, how do you best see that bigger picture?

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Revco - What happened to you!?

but no day since has been darker than those I left behind.

What was that day like?

13 years means back to 2001.

I found the whole book interesting because I knew what he went through (was in the South Towwer). We get his whole life up until that point.

Basically what happened to him made his life interesting.

But everyone's life is downright fascinating.

So share it! Share that fascination of yourself!

"God" seems to be a very hotbutton issue around here.

He's the man.