Comment: Rand has done far more than Ron in the GOP

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Rand has done far more than Ron in the GOP

When it comes to waking the GOP up.. Rand has made stand after stand. Ron ate lunch by himself, they called him "crazy uncle".. he was stealth.. and closed minds in the GOP.

Rand.. I don't know a Republican who does not like Rand.. Rand is waking the GOP up.. Rand is on MSM waking America up.

Ron, according to the campaign committee forms HE signs, HE is responsible 100% for his campaign. Did he fire Benton? He could have. But you blame Benton, and now.. Rand.. well Rand did Ron a HUGE favor with his endorsement, because there were many of us, like me, NEW to the GOP, klearning the ropes..

I had NO clue that I was going to be held to a loyalty oath.. when Rand endorsed Romney.. I was "WTF!!!!" It floored me. WHY? WHY?

The loyalty oath.. the GOP was planning on outting us for not keeping our oaths, and that would have stopped many who wanted to run for government offices.

So Rand woke us up.. he knew, Ron had no intentions of winning.. it was all about THE MESSAGE.

Now many of us are in the GOP and the GOP is changing because we're chaning it, county by county, state by state.. some better than others, but we don't quit despite losers like YOU who Karl Rove LOVES YOU.. You make Karl's day glorious!

I'll enjoy what losses I have the misfortune of experiencing because I'll learn from them.

Run away COWARD you deserve Obama and Hillary.