Comment: Psychosis and being the Devil

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Psychosis and being the Devil

I don't intend on adding assumptions to this writing, yet I have only one (probably) unusual tid-bit to share.

It is very common for people going through psychosis to have the "messiah complex", even if only for a few minutes. However, where there is an up, there is a down and the one most people do not talk about is an accompanying devil complex.

That kind of experience is enough to crack the firm standing of any self proclaimed atheist. (Not saying that's what happened here).

I just wanted to share this for anyone who might find themselves in the awkward position of realizing (for a moment) that they are the messiah, or the converse of that.

Freedom of religion and freedom to go crazy are the same thing (and I defend both).
Unfortunately, if the actual messiah came into the western world today, he/she would be locked up and administered psych drugs.
For those who believe that Jesus is in every one of us, his arrival and suppression is happening every day.

For those who don't have some kind of belief aside from currently-provable science, you probably haven't been through hell, yet.
(..and are an unsuitable judge of those who have).

Carry on brother. You've aquired some hard earned wisdom.