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Can't you make

that argument to your state? They might agree with you that those laws are absurd. Many have done just that. I just want to point out though, it is the position of Ron Paul that such questions should be delivered to the states and to the people, where they were answered previously, rather than to the Federal courts. See We the People Act (H. R. 539), introduced by Ron Paul.

The Supreme Court of the United States and each Federal court—

(1)shall not adjudicate—
(A)any claim involving the laws, regulations, or policies of any State or unit of local government relating to the free exercise or establishment of religion;
(B)any claim based upon the right of privacy, including any such claim related to any issue of sexual practices, orientation, or reproduction; or
(C)any claim based upon equal protection of the laws to the extent such claim is based upon the right to marry without regard to sex or sexual orientation; and
(2)shall not rely on any judicial decision involving any issue referred to in paragraph (1).

The Supreme Court of the United States and all other Federal courts—

(1)are not prevented from determining the constitutionality of any Federal statute or administrative rule or procedure in considering any case arising under the Constitution of the United States; and
(2)shall not issue any order, final judgment, or other ruling that appropriates or expends money, imposes taxes, or otherwise interferes with the legislative functions or administrative discretion of the several States and their subdivisions.

Any party or intervener in any matter before any Federal court, including the Supreme Court, may challenge the jurisdiction of the court under section 3 or 4 during any proceeding or appeal relating to that matter."

I'm going to delay my full answer to your question "Where do our rights come from?" I guess the standard answer "from our creator" is what you are fishing for though, and I'm ok with that.


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