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Comment: Ron Paul claimed there was no right to privacy...

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Ron Paul claimed there was no right to privacy...

Which is incorrect.

Second, this is clearly a fourth amendment issue, not a 14th. According to the 14th, taken in isolation, merely means that someone has to say "we can have your stuff, kidnap, or kill you as long as we say so first".

The question is, if there is no "oath/affidavit", meaning "no victim", and no way to obtain probable cause, how exactly could they obtain the right to enforce such laws? Believe it or not, it is the 4th, not the garbage 14th that "protects" us.

The whole thing is garbage anyway. A non-binding contract enforced by dictate and not consent.

The 4th does indeed create a right to privacy. And for the record, the definition of sodomy, includes oral sex. Making 100% of the modern population guilty of this "abhorrent" (at least religiously) practice.

The nature of the state is to make everyone a criminal (as these types of laws do0, in order to obtain power/control over everyone.

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