Comment: It deinitely goes deeper then that

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It deinitely goes deeper then that

That simplifies it too much. It definitely goes deeper then that, because everything over there is manipulated. Just like Alexander Hamilton called for.

For example do you know that the IDF, U.S. Forces and Lebanese Armada are all under direct authority of the United Nations?

They are under 100% subjugation. And the Globalists through the IMF entirely own the U.N., which means anything in the Middle East is by design. It is orchestrated by clear cut deception.

That means the Globalists are trying to evict all of Turkey, all of Israel and all of Iran so they can take every square foot of Jerusalem for themselves. For the Queen and her entourage.

Which indicates AIPAC, Egypt PAC and any of the PACs have as their sole mission to blow up Israel. That right there is bad enough! It's why Ron Paul was the only one ever correct, to cut off all Foreign Aid and exit NATO. It's not our business! Everyone elected needs to have this view.