Comment: How can we expect anything else from those criminals?

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How can we expect anything else from those criminals?

In the strictest terms within law they cannot be considered "judges". Article 1 Section 10 of the US Constitution requires gold and silver coin as the only lawful tender and every single judge in America is violating their oath by accepting a private bank's debt note as tender for the time they claim is under Constitutional capacity. Every single "judge" in America is actively in breach of duty every working day by violating the tender laws for the pay they receive for that claimed Constitutional capacity. For anyone to maintain themselves within a contractual capacity that individual must operate within the bounds of the defined capacity. Any person who breaches the contractually defined bounds of legal capacity has removed themselves from that capacity and is operating as a full liability man/woman acting on their own accord. This means in no way can they be considered a lawful "judge" in any official capacity.

How can we expect any man/woman who breaches their duty every working day of their lives to be a lawful operator in any way? They are committing fraud by claiming to be operating under such capacity while actively in breach of the defined bounds and it could be argued that since they are being paid with a private entities fraudulent tender that they are actually working for that private bank that issues the fraudulent tender. This is not only fraud and breach of duty but operating under such private entity's capacity while claiming to be the Constitutional government means that they are actively part of a criminal conspiracy that has overthrown the government; this is treason. Given the fact that they have destroyed every other aspect of the Constitutional laws with their "interpretations" while acting under such fraud gives pretty damning evidence that indeed they have intent and motive to purposefully carry out this active treason to overthrow our government. When one examines the fact that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is also now a corporation means that they really are not the Constitutional government and from my experience do not even claim to be. I have asked them in open court and they won't answer. I have also presented the DUNS corporate credit history info of US CORP to them and they won't address the facts but will dismiss cases to get me out of their "courtrooms" asap.

How long is it going to take We the People to realize that we are going to have to arrest these criminals and bring them before lawful juries to be properly tried for their breaches and on-going criminal acts before we can ever expect anything other than criminal tyranny against us all?

Most people think that politics is going to solve this problem but politics was never constructed or intended to solve a crime problem; that's what our courts and juries are for. Our juries could find them guilty and give them the death penalty for their on-going treason. If juries started this process and began mowing the lawn of crime across America then you can bet your ass that the other bureaucrats and "judges" would think twice about what they are doing.

Upholding the tender laws is our path to bring them all to proper and lawful justice with our juries if the People weren't a bunch a ignorant pussies. The crimes are clear and present and their danger to our peace, safety and happiness has been clearly demonstrated and is actively growing out of control. When is everyone going to pull their heads out of their asses and do what is necessary? The law is on our side. Knowing the facts makes me realize that, at this point, all of this is now becoming the fault of the People for either being ignorant of law or committing misprision of a crime for not bringing justice. It is our fault for not bringing justice if this continues any further.

Hell, these criminals now claim it is lawful for their corporation to kill anyone the "President" chooses without due process. How much more destruction of law does it take for the People to bring justice? Damn this is a frustrating situation...

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...