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You may believe

human beings "have a natural right to... do anything they want together in private" but I simply disagree. We may just have to leave it at that. Several states have disagreed as well. You can see that in the laws against incest, bestiality, prostitution, adultery, obscenity, etc, and the court rulings that upheld them. For 200 years they have disagreed, and I'm having a hard time following the argument to the contrary- that there is no legetimate state interest behind this morals legislation. At least you have to admit that this is a new development that has resounding implications.

Also, for discussion of the equal protection clause, you may be interested in Justice O'Connor's opinion and Justice Scalia's response. I won't try to paraphrase here.

Thanks for not yelling at me, by the way. I know it's tempting... :-)


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