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The nature of crime made legal is no different than crime that has not been made legal in that the competition among the criminals moves the worst of them to the top of their pyramid.

At the top of their pyramid are those who command the FUND.

The FUND is where the dominant Legal Fraud Money originates.

Follow the dominant Legal Fraud Money to the source of it, which is not difficult to do in theory, since those criminals maintain meticulous records of the rate at which they steal from everyone, and at the source will be the Top of the Legal Crime pyramid.

I don't think the end of that rainbow is in Israel.

I may be wrong, but Zionism is just another satellite that sprouts from the root, as far as my study has so far discovered.

To me the next major purchase made by the dominant Legal Fraud Money organization will be World War III.

Russia will destroy Nato, and Nato will destroy Russia, and China will be picking up the pieces, including the World Reserve Currency Legal Money Fraud piece.

The same, most powerful Legal Criminals, know what they are doing, they have had centuries of working the same routine as experience so as to perfect their trade.

It may be possible this time around whereby those criminals at the Top of their pyramid have played out their hand, as this time may be different, since this time the victims may have gained the power required to nullify the purchase.

We can, now, pull the plug that feeds the beast.