Comment: Hard to make sense of your "Hard Truths"

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Hard to make sense of your "Hard Truths"

BILL3, for me the only thing "hard" about your "Hard Truths" is how hard it is to follow your long, rambling rant.

I tried my best to follow, but when I read "...Among primates, the group is run by the violence of the strongest members and challengers are fought down, killed or exiled. Reproductive access is regulated by power. Rape and violence prevail. There is no law, or rights, no appeal to objective rules..." it struck me that, inadvertently, you have most perfectly described the current trend of our modern human condition.

Whether Life on Earth was created by the Christian God or not, us humans are but one species of the 8 million species on Earth.

You are right that we are an extraordinary life form compared to the rest of the group. But, our difference is mainly that most of the other millions live guided by their own successful survival plans.

We, with all of our new, improved features have a seriously flawed survival plan in comparison.

Whether or not humans are more "moral" or not than other animals becomes a moot point.

If one believes in a Christian God, I would think that one would be in awe at God's amazing creation, the web of Life that inhabits the bio-sphere of Earth and of our blessing to be a part of it.

Perhaps it is an arrogance to think that God made it all just so we could feel superior above the rest of Nature.