Comment: Zappos is an intersting company...Thanks for posting BT

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Zappos is an intersting company...Thanks for posting BT

And Tony Hsieh is an interesting dude. I read his book a couple of years ago about founding Zappos: Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose. What a trip!

He was an early internet entrepreneur. He started a company called Link Exchange in the mid 90's. Anyone remember that? Anyway, he sold it to Microsoft for a few hundred million, put it into Zappos and nearly went bust. He poured everything he had into that company - including all of his money and his entire life.

He's a real weirdo, which makes that book pretty interesting. I'm sure you'd enjoy it if you haven't read it. I should probably read it again, too.

Maybe we should have a DP book club!

Thanks for posting, BT.

What's the latest on your Liberty Commune in Pennsylvania? I saw some stuff on it while I was in Taiwan, but my schedule was all funked up. No routine, living out of suitcases, packing, unpacking, looking for stuff all the time. It was miserable.

Anyway, got back a few days ago, and now we're getting snowed in. It is supposed to snow all day and night, into tomorrow. 14" is coming, they say. Then the temperature is going to drop to -7. Crap, that is cold. In was in the 50's when I left Taiwan.

But it seemed like you were getting serious about buying it. Did you close the deal?