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It is sparkling today

I think it is having, and will continue to have an impact.

I like this place, and I like the people who like this place, too. There is something special. I do think of us as the Ron Paul class of 2007 / 2012. Most of the people that I know from that era are no longer active in politics. It was like a phase. That makes it sound bad, but I don't mean it in a bad way. It was a period of growth and reflection.

But even though many of us have gone off in our separate ways, there is still something. There is a bond we share, and there is a perspective we share that sets us apart. We're the black sheep. And within that whole group of black sheep, there is an even smaller subset of us that are still here looking, searching, observing, and thinking.

That group isn't very big. I think it would be asking too much for it to be too big. But for those of us who recognize what we are a part of, there is a certain responsibility we hold, and I can see you take it seriously, and you're stepping up to the plate.

jrd talked about the Lost Generation:

Shakespeare and Company. The Lost Generation

I wrote a paper on The Lost Generation in Undergrad. Hemingway, Pound, Fitzgerald, Joyce….The group of writers and cultural icons that felt lost in the years between the great wars. It was one of my favorite papers to write. The center of their culture melting pot was this place called Shakespeare and company. It was an English bookstore in Paris. The only reason I have ever wanted to go to Paris is to see that bookstore. Sure, if I make it there I’ll probably go see the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre, but neither will compare.

I think it is great that they had that bookstore as a place to gather. A place to exchange ideas and gather their thoughts. I shudder to think of what would be of literature had that place not existed. If Sylvia Beach hadn’t even given it a try The Sun Also Rises wouldn’t be permanently etched in my memory as one of the most tragic love stories ever. Puts Romeo and Juliet to shame.

The other cool thing that came of Shakespeare and company is how these authors connected and stayed in touch while they wandered and traveled. They sent each other letters and left writing for each other around the world. So much better than logging on to facebook ‘liking’ someone picture or update and calling that a friendship. The bonds that they made aided in some of them becoming cultural icons. While they didn’t always appreciate each other’s styles (Hemingway and Fitzgerald didn’t see eye to eye on some aspects of writing) their acknowledgment of each other as fellow writers helped build their legendary status in the world of literature.

We are our own Lost Generation. We can, and should do the same for each other. And, we are...

But somehow, we should do it more...