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Comment: you have chat on

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you have chat on

(Strictly speaking, AM and wifi share no overlapping bands [but a wifi emitter and an active microwave might!], but clearly you've established a relationship to the interference.)

Here's a network time diagram of things that load on the DP, which anyone can see using Chrome Inspector's Network tab:

The colored bars, or dots, on the right indicate the duration something is loading (note the 'seconds' unit atop this area). The dots are fast and the bars are slow. And the list is the events as they occur in sequence, so things towards the bottom "happen"/load later.

When a page loads, your browser requests several resources from a server or your local cache. This is correlating with your interference pattern. For most sites, this is like the set of quick loading things atop the list that only last a few/hundred milliseconds.

But you have chat on. Once initiated, that is a live process that will always be requesting info from the envolve servers, which you can see as the long horizontal yellow bars that are marked as coming from the envolve domains. Even with chat closed, but on, your browser is still asking the envolve servers to update it every several seconds, so that is likely why you hear a persistent interference.

And while the other sites load things when you visit the page, accounting for the initial noise, you probably don't have a chat option active in them, which would prolong it.

So, try turning the DP chat block off, and see how long the interference lasts when you load a page again.

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