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Comment: He didn't "just" get lucky

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He didn't "just" get lucky

It is quite a different story, when you consider that Rockefeller built the twin towers and owns all the original document leases to those same towers. So there is no way he just got lucky. He watched both towers go down with a big smile from a front-room window.

At first he could merely say, well I got lucky and just happened to plan Freedom Tower before those attacks. But after cross-examination on Giuliani who destroyed the evidence, cross-examination on Tazzoli and other minions...certainly Cheney forced to testify against Giuliani due to the AIPAC connection.

Then U.N. bigwigs like Rockefeller could be criminally found guilty. After all why does his own son have all these WTC stock options? Rockefeller appears, looks and sounds like a chief architect. And if you demanded a plea bargain, you got to "hit" him with it, so he then turns on Juan Carlos. (a clear cut beneficiary of the NYC Port authority exploding..and an Italian zionist)