Comment: He was a minion

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He was a minion

I predict that they were the worker bees, especially Silverstein and Tazzoli to provide cover. Making it easy for the operational managers Bush Senior, Paul Wolfowitz and Rudy Giuliani to plan the attacks.

However I'm taking a decidedly different view on who is the mastermind.

I believe David Rockefeller is the mastermind of 9-11, and the ultimate mastermind behind it is someone no one has mentioned. Someone who you would not suspect at first, who actually had the biggest gain.

George Soros, one of the heads of the Federal Reserve.

Certainly for several reasons, I predict we will find out George Soros was nearly the chief mastermind. With Netanyahu, under Netanyahu's carefully obsessive impulses, he directed and orchestrated the 9-11 attacks using the guidance of Rockefeller.

The rest of them fell under Rockefeller, pull the Israel and Saudi arm and the whole thing unravels underneath Rockefeller. But George Soros made billions of dollars from the Middle East planned exodus.