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Comment: Interesting, that seems to

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Interesting, that seems to

Interesting, that seems to contradict the most basic tenets of Misesian and Rothbardian theory. Can you sum the theory up in a couple of paragraphs?

If John likes pears, and I like plums, how can you add those two together? What is their sum? What is their average? Are you positive your theory makes sense?

I think quantifying some things in economics if useful, so I'm not a hard line opponent of econometrics. It can produce some useful information, as long as we understand its limits.

But how for moral positions? How can you average the beliefs of two fanatics willing to die to see their ideology triumph?

Take a disheveled, bomb throwing socialist, who would happily kill every human being on earth if nature would stop causing inequality, sitting in a bar with a well dressed, smartly combed up fascist who would happily kill every communist on the planet to insure that the best "human material" remain atop the social dung heap. They both would happily grind up the other and his party, and feed them to the poor, albeit with different motives.

What is the quantity of each view, their sum, and their average?