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Comment: Now you're shifting ground. I

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Now you're shifting ground. I

Now you're shifting ground. I said that the issue of electoral fraud, stealing votes, fixing machines, flipping votes, is something that can be documented in court, or by journalists, etc. You countered that Ron Paul specifically wouldn't do so because of Rand. Is Ron the only one who was subjected to election fraud?

Then you move to Perot.Of course the establishment oppose candidates they can't control, that has nothing to do with election fraud per se. Stay on point. It's like pinning down an eel. No one said the establishment don't try to make their opponents ineffectual. I said no one has presented solid evidence of election fraud.

If it is, why not show it? The question of Rand doesn't explain why other people active in the campaign, or outside journalists, wouldn't pursue leads if they were good leads.