Comment: I thought research was for finding distractions ;-)

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I thought research was for finding distractions ;-)

Under heart disease Wallach lists digestive enzymes to help clean out blood vessels, kidneys. It should also help clean up bile ducts, also. Worked for me.

Digestive enzymes also improve absorption of minerals.

For liver health I've been taking milk thistle and selenium along with the other 59 essential minerals.

Doc's Liver cleanse is called Herbal Rain Forest. A clean colon is a happy colon. I haven't tried it yet.

I just do a Gerson when gut gets unhappy.

I've been fighting a mycoplasm infection. Winning means feeling sicker. Doc say it could take a year (see rheumatism).

In the mean time dozens of minor issues have cleared up. One more to go. I am sold on the 90 for life concept. Four family members have also benefited.

Free includes debt-free!