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The missing link

The mineral tin is essential for hair growth. Does the shamin live in a area where the soil is rich in tin?

Some data for Tin.

Find other elements in local soils?

Soil selenium levels.

Michigan has little selenium and iodine in the soil. Neighbors have reported selenium birth defects from un -supplemented or under-upplemented cows.

Human embryos require 60 minerals from conception.

Relying on soil crops to provide the 60 essential minerals is a gamble and the odds aren't good.

At a minimum a mineral cap and 3 EFA a day. I started August 2012. So many feelings turned out to be silly cravings. Also three eggs a day to keep brain white matter healthy and 100g of chocolate.

Without this foundation cravings can overwhelm sensible diet plans.

Buying supplements is the only way to be sure. Plant sources are not reliable. See page 72 for deficiency/toxicity symptoms.

Free includes debt-free!