Comment: From what I have heard,

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From what I have heard,

From what I have heard, hospitals actually expect you to negotiate a lower price and then will even have payment plans for it.
That still is no excuse for such expense though.

I myself just postponed a routine doctors visit(bloodwork and physicals every few years isnt a bad idea) until I verify that my insurence has properly changed from how it was before since its the beginning of the year and all.

Fun fact, I had a plan that cost about $60/month before(yea, it was still crap), new plan I got switched to by default: $180. No idea whats even in it or anything, dont care a ton either. All is going according to plan and hopefully I can get rid of it for employer based insurence in a couple months. I dont use a ton of health services. I can say ALOT of people are going to be hurting.

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