Comment: Not only that, the Federal Reserve distorts the price index!

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Not only that, the Federal Reserve distorts the price index!

They routinely distort the entire price index for metal..

"For seven years GATA has discovered one piece of evidence after another supporting our long-held contention that the gold market is managed by certain central banks and their agents, the bullion banks. It is a price-fixing case involving some very powerful people and institutions … in fact it is a Gold Cartel. The U.S. attorney handling the Samsung conspiracy conviction said in an interview this fall that the United States had experienced an "epidemic" of price-fixing cases in the late 1990s. All GATA has done is uncovered one of them, the grandest of all.

For one to appreciate how this can go on and on and not be brought to the attention of the public, one need only to reflect on Enron and Refco. Before its initial public offering of stock, Refco was audited by the most highly regarded firms on Wall Street and nothing wrong was discovered. Yet look at what was really transpiring behind the scenes. Now the company is bankrupt and under criminal investigation.

That said, GATA does have its "smoking gun." It has to do with derivatives and central bank gold. The mainstream gold world says the central banks have nearly 32,000 tonnes of gold in their vaults (minus a small amount that has been sold in recent years or is on loan to gold producers for their hedging operations)."

Now that it is proven, lets have this debate nationwide.