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What ignoring semantics gets you -

We do agree on a lot, so I should not disagree with your confusion. My bad. However, since I believe in an objective honesty and sincerity, I have to elaborate.

This is where a failure to understand semantics will get you. Did you think discussing science would "intimidate the Christian", or were you reading my past comments? I posted what you said both about gravity - almost verbatim - and the scientific proof of God almost a week ago here.

Books don't contain Nature, they help human beings understand it. Likewise, you could not contain God within a book anymore than you could contain Nature, but now I wonder how much you actually believe you understand about Dark Matter. How could you possibly think you "know why 'dark matter' is SO fricking dark!" if you didn't understand it by reading (or hearing) of its mechanics contained in words? Trust me, it was not by any empirical observation - even if you worked at NASA. So by your logic, you should throw out any book you own - it could not possibly contain anything that would help you understand anything. No book contains a deeper understanding of something beyond Natural human comprehension.

And again, for a laugh, did you believe that talking about your penis would "intimidate the Christian?" You should question why there is so little beneath it first before considering why there's a line on its backside. (That was humor, by the way. I hope you caught the context. I've got a box of fuses here if you didn't.)

And one more thing - thanks for the video. I love ZZ Top.

If anything, this type of "Deism" is good for a laugh. To be forced to accept the likelihood of a deistic ontology can drive a free-thinker mad, I understand. I do not believe God is contained within a book any more than you do. I've been down that road, and it was a personal experience with Jesus Christ that changed my mind and heart. But your logic is no different than the "Christian god-spellers" that pushed us both away from the Truth.