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>>>"Dumping" means US consumers enjoy lower prices. Thus have more money they can save and do with as they please. It's why I go to Harbor Freight instead of Lowe's to buy 90% of my tools.<<<

Yea. I've been to HF. The cheap, inferior products they sell quickly end up back in China as scrap iron and metals. A complete waste of time and money. Couple that with the loss of American manufacturing, and one wonders how gullible the American people can be.

>>>But maybe I'm wrong. Show me where the "founding fathers" unanimously agreed that British mercantilism was preferable to free men engaging in voluntary exchange.<<<
Why would I even attempt to "show" you something like that. It's not a point I ever considered, and has nothing to do with my post.

>>>You're confused about what constitutes fraud. Fraud implies deceit especially in contracts. You're sweeping use of the term renders it entirely meaningless. At this rate we can also use the term "fraud" to mean "Pancakes and sausages."<<<

Here's the fraud. You bite on low prices, and cooperate with my dumping scheme. The people we both dupe end up working in the service industry for 10 dollars an hour after they lose their good paying manufacturing jobs as a result of the dumping scheme. The fraud is that dumping is good. By the way, the price goes up after the market is captured.

>>> Also, all that manipulation (esp currency manipulation) you attribute to China, well the US engages in all the exact same manipulation via our very own communist central bank..<<<

>>> Now, you really don't want to start bashing the Chinese for "manipulation" when we've been enjoying a dollar backed by military force. Which has been a far, far, far, far, far worse blight upon humanity than anything the Chinese are responsible for. Can you say Iraq? Libya? Saudi Arabia? It's known as the 'petro-dollar' and it's explained below.. but the implications of this policy have been left out for brevity. Suffice to say, none of them are thanking us for liberating them or propping up/installing their dictators.<<<

Oh. We are just as bad! They did it too!! (insert "two wrongs" cliché here.)

Bashing the Chinese for manipulation? No that's just one thing I would bash them for. Eating dogs is another.

>>>P.s. could you toss me a link showing china still has slaves? I'd like a reputable source<<<

Wow. Not only do you want something for cheap, you want me to work for you...for free. You could simply google "slavery in China" and read 1000 links there on the subject, choosing your own on the veracity meter. Since I'm feeling charitable today here's your link:,8599,1635144,00...

BTW, making assumptions about the provenance of my household items is somewhat arrogant. One wonders what a house filled with cheap Chinese products looks like. Sure to make the cover of Better Liberals Homes and Gardens. Look at all my cheap stuff!! I don't have a job anymore, but LOOK...look at all my cheap stuff!!

“...taxes are not raised to carry on wars, but that wars are raised to carry on taxes”
Thomas Paine, Rights of Man