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because F.E.A.R. is false evidense appearing real. Fear is a base human feeling. Feelings can lie. Fear forces one to make a decision, fight or flight. Being forced against one's will produces resentment or hate. Hate is a fuel that provides the ability to fight or flight. One must learn, (Alice Sommer is grateful to her mother for encouraging her to LEARN) how to ACT in the face of fear, not REACT (because this is a trap).

So to eliminate fear, one must find, and embrace, what they LOVE, and WORK to CREATE a plan of action to eliminate FEAR. For Alice, this is "looking back". I take it as "counting blessings".

For Alice, she smiled and laughed everyday in the concentration camp because she understood her baby, which did not have the ability to act, only had the ability to react, would react to her smiling and laughter. Her son, was a tremendous blessing to her, and the world really, because he and Alice teach us that we can live, or feed, on love alone.

Hate, on the other hand, consumes us, disables us.

Where did you believe hate came from?