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Comment: ((((((((( Nonna )))))))))

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((((((((( Nonna )))))))))

May God bless you abundantly and constantly this NEW Year!!!

Thank you. I am profoundly GRATEFUL for your ACT of LOVE. I appreciate it very very much!

I am very sorry that I hurt you last year, because I never meant to hurt you. My revelations, that I attempted to share with you, were not from a place of hate. I wanted to share what GOOD, wonderful, beautiful, amazing things being revealed to me.

I had to accept that maybe these gifts were just for me, and to let go, in HOPE, that one day you would see the "silver lining" being revealed to me. I can accept that I am not that messanger for you and the vast majority. I let you go because I love you.

When you LOVE someone, set them free (and don't stop LOVING them) just hope and pray that they will return, for then, you know, that they LOVE you too.

I have thought of you everyday. I think of your post for caregivers, because your post for caregivers helped me care for caregivers. Today I am making a peach cobbler for the caregivers at our residential care facility. No one asked me to do this. It's because I KNOW, from your courage and wisdom, from your experience and LOVE, that care givers need care too.

Thank you for that gift of LOVE and care (((( Nonna )))). Thank you for this gift. Thank you for being you. I LOVE you. I always have and I always will.