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I don't agree

Forgiving is one of the most difficult things to do when someone has seriously, SERIOUSLY, harmed you, raped you, murdered someone you loved, destroyed everything you worked for, committed purgey or fraud when you pay time for a crime you didn't commit.. when you suffer physical damage that reminds you every moment of everyday what that person did because they felt like it.. because they didn't care about you, because they intended to HURT you, and they have NO remorse, no regret, and if they could, they would do it again. It's hard to forgive.. some people actually say it's impossible.. but then, it's not the love you get, it's the LOVE you give, and to LOVE yourself, you must FORGIVE and get over it.

Abandoning people is easy. It's what cowards do.

Letting go of someone you love, who will not open their heart, but makes threats and demands, and accusations that are not true.. it's not easy to forgive, but it's the right thing to do for yourself.

When you think of each person as just another face of God, that in the end it was ALL an illusion between you and God.. forgiving others is what you do in hopes that others will forgive you, especially when the hurt was never intended, and even when it was. In hopes that God will forgive you for the sins and pains you caused on others.

How many wars would end if people would forgive?