Comment: Cripples need crutches and sheep need shepherds.

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Cripples need crutches and sheep need shepherds.

Send a child to a "school" for thirteen years during his most formative years, and train him to obey every command given to him by a government authority (teacher.) Train him to accept as true and important whatever a "teacher" tells him, and to expect praise and reward for parroting the "teacher's" values. Train him to look to "authority" to resolve any personal problems he has, and punish him for taking any independent action. Teach him that his world is made up of two classes: masters (teachers) and subjects (students). The masters can boss subjects around, control them with threats, and take their property. The masters can change the rules for the subjects on a whim and punish entire groups for what one person does. The "grades" that students must strive to achieve (if they ever hope to get a good job) depend solely on a student's willingness to subordinate his own thoughts, values and desires to those prescribed for him by "authorities."

After thirteen years, high school diplomates may not be able to read and understand their own diplomas, but they know how to follow orders. And they don't know how to do anything BUT follow orders.

They need a President. Or a king. Or a boss.

They have been trained as slaves, and slaves need a master.

There is a novel by Victor Hugo called The Man Who Laughs, about boy who was deliberately disfigured so that he could earn money as a cripple/freak/beggar. The "comprachicos" who maimed and exploited such childrens had nothing on modern day "educators."

(note: some of the rant above paraphrases Larken Rose in TMDS, a chapter titled "Teaching Blind Obedience," pp. 59-61.)

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose