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If it can be cured, nutrition is the way.

Sufficient nutrition is not likely to happen by accident.

Get rid of the bad stuff. No fried foods, meats cured with nitrates or nitrates. These inflame and wreck everything.

Eliminate all plant oils, margarines and shortenings, olive oil, pizza dough oil, all.

For ninety days. They cant' help we get enough omega-6 oils without them. Unneeded oils turn toxic. Makes liver spots.

Add Omega-3 oils, Take flax oils or fish oils. they make important brain chemicals.

Eat 3 to 4 eggs a day, poached or soft boiled. Use butter. Cholesterol builds healthy white matter in the brain.

Cholesterol is the building block for critical hormones needed healthy functioning.

Use sea salt, salt to taste. Add sea salts to baths.

Fertilize garden plot with wood ashes. To early settlers it was an cheap trick for improving yield.

The first US Patent was to make wood ashes to export to England for gardens.

My twenty something boys, one runs a sales outlet the other is back at University both pleased with the overall increase in concentration, brainpower and stamina.

They're on their own.

I set an example and let the results speak for themselves. The zombie speaks. Not dead yet!

Get one thing, selenium 100mcg 3 times a day maybe more.

Selenium or Moonstone works like magic when needed.

Free includes debt-free!