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Sorry, but the idea that they

Sorry, but the idea that they are just recognizing it better and/or overdiagnosing is totally bunk. As the parent of an autistic kid I can tell you that these kids wouldn't have been able to go through life unrecognized in some prior era. They wouldn't just blend in in the classroom without parents, teachers, and other kids recognizing that these kids can't function. Yes, I do think they are bunching many kids into the spectrum, like 'aspergers' that in other eras would have been called super nerds or antisocial - and I think that is a mistake. But kids who are autistic - well, many can't talk or operate in any regular capacity. I run into these kids everywhere, and not just in the autism groups I am a part of. Just today I met a lady randomly in the park who was with her autistic daughter. I never met even one autistic child during my whole childhood and teenage years.

When this happens in your family you realize this is not some normal happenstance. Your whole family struggles in so many ways - it is difficult to describe all the nuances of how families struggle and cope. I don't know of a single autism family that has any prior family member with autism in their entire ancestry, unless it is a sibling. These kids weren't just carefully hidden from society in prior generations.