Comment: Well....not really

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Well....not really

Everything that wicked one does is sinful and with a full hatred of God and His children here on earth that are some working in the fields of the Lord, planting seeds of Truth and others watering with more understanding and it is the Lord who at last brings the increase of wheat that will be gathered into the barn on that last day.

The devil, knowing that he has but a short time is busy planting tares of deceipt and doubt about God and His Word the Bible, telling all who will give him an ear, that there is no need to worry about a book that just cannot be fully trusted.

There are many right here who are such that mock God's Word again and again. They will be gathered soon with the tares to be burned.

The devil and they who listen to him will perish when at last all is said and done and God has the last word.

Press on all you TRUE BELIEVERS in Christ and keep preaching His Word at every opportunity!

"Harvest time" is very near!

Love you Granger!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~