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I'll start by saying that I too am a proponent of MJ legalization. BUT, your premise is crap. When you frame MJ use as a medical argument, you limit legalization to medical use only, like in CA. Instead, the focus should be on the victimless aspect of it. Like prostitution. Or alcohol. If someone wants to use it recreationally, they have to break a law to do so in CA. Not in CO. If you want to use medical uses as a benefit in arguments of those against it, go ahead, but the strongest, most sound, logical argument you can use is that someone smoking MJ in their own home causes no harm to anybody else. Nobody can argue against that! What they can do is show medical studies (yes, biased ones) that show no medical benefit from MJ use. They exist, and are at the least a crack in a strictly medical rights argument for legalization.

Second, 2a rights are completely unrelated. Please don't join them and take the risk of turning people against both because they are opposed to one. Also, guns don't kill. Not once has a loaded gun gone off without human interaction, causing a death. People kill, not guns. You would do well to leave that out of your argument.

You want MJ legalized? Don't look like a head when you argue or protest for it. Have a coherent argument with the most logically sound content you can muster. Be honest, and be willing to admit that it will be used recreationally. You can always use the MJ vs Alcohol comparison. One has serious side effects, the other does not. Use the fact that legalization will take funding from cartels. That it will reduce police, prosecution, and prison costs. Argue the fiscal side. Argue the freedom side (Correlate it to Bloomberg banning sodas because they are "bad"). Appeal to those you are arguing against.

And never, ever, tell someone that they should be fighting your fight if they are fighting their own. How to win friends and influence people and whatnot.

Final thought - MJ doesn't make people "chill". I can give you personally experienced/witnessed examples of violence occurring under the influence of MJ.