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Hey Ralph ...

... the hypothesis put forth by Sibel Edmonds is that the reason would be to induce fear in the public. What good is a tyrannical police state if the people don't know about it? By making it in-your-face, people must deal psychologically with it, and many will become fearful of it, making them less likely to speak out against police state goons and their unlawful actions.

The police state cannot come right out and say, "Guess what suckers? We're spying on you. Ha!" But they can have a "whistleblower" do it and then feign outrage at the revelation.

The psychos within the military-industrial-government complex (Eisenhower's original term) want control, and one of the keys to control is to induce fear.

Fear is one of the reasons for carrying out 9/11. Fear is one of the reasons for carrying out the false flag terrorism events conducted by FBI and CIA assets since then.

The Greenwald Pro's --

Greenwald says all the right things, and that in itself has value in waking people up.

The Greenwald Con's --

Greenwald associates himself with people who are on record as assisting the spy network, which he claims to be against.

Greenwald has been EXTREMELY slow in getting the documents to the public. Not just kind of slow, but REAL slow.

He talks a good game. No doubt about it. But talk is (relatively) cheap. Where is the action?

That is the basic case that some people are thinking about when they question if Greenwald/Snowden is a legit whistle-blowing thing or something else.