Comment: No. Salvation comes from Faith.

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No. Salvation comes from Faith.

Faith is belief that is acted on. There are many who believe and have faith but are still deceived and they will be judged by their works and their hearts. Most of us are far from perfect and are glad for His mercy and understanding.

Then their are those who deny and seek to destroy. Those who look for discrepancies of man as some how proof against GOD. They reject Him and therefore will be rejected by Him.

There are those few who are called saints who will take part in the first resurrection over which the second death has no power. These are those who "Have the testimony of Yahshua Messiah and keep the Commandments of Elohim."

There is no doubt that the verse in Exodus is interpreted wrong so why is my studied interpretation considered less valid? A question mark instead of a period can make a lot of difference.