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You missed my entire point

It's not thati think you should use my logic because it is more diplomatic or "flowery". You should not argue the medical issue because it isn't defensible. Period.

Best case scenario, you win and create a special class of citizen with special rights. The MMJ cardholder. They are immune from the law,but the law remains. If you don't have a legitimate medical use and want to smoke, you still must break the law. Either by lying to obtain a permit or by smoking without one. Why do we need more special interest groups?

Smoking weed is not a basic human right. What you put in your body is, but you aren't here arguing for cocaine legalization, just weed. Don't you see your own hypocrisy?

I wasn't just talking about what I've seen. I was also talking about what I've done. Violence, while lit. Because I was that kind of person, and intoxication reduced my self control. Drugs effect people in different ways. Some can't sit still. Some couch lock. Some zone. Some pass out. Some are fully functional and you would never know they just burned one in their car. Regardless of strain.

I guess the advise I was giving you is that you need to use a defensible position. You need to be realistic. And you need to be an adult, not some characture of what society thinks a pot head is. At least when you are trying to change the minds of people who think smoking pot is slightly less bad than having a a sexual relationship with another man.