Comment: With Obamacare all we will get is garbage.

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With Obamacare all we will get is garbage.

On the other hand any handout from big Government is garbage. Can you name one Government program that was successful?

Since there is not even one, why are we entrusting 1/6 of the economy to a man that had little experience running anything? But he did run for office very good, scamming everyone!

BTW I voted for both bush's for President, but now I see that the Bush's, Obama, and the Clinton's are cut from the same cloth. Get smart and do some research on both Parties, they really want the same thing. They are nothing but a duopoly to scam us into thinking we have a choice between Republican and Democrat.

If you think Obamacare is about heath care, then your sadly mistaken. Just think with Obamacare all Americans are going to be registered with the Federal Government, and we all will be tracked with the heath card.

One more thing you should ask yourself, who owns the Insurance companies? Most are owned by banks, and banks run this country through the Federal Reserve. So now we just handed 1/6 of the economy over to a bunch of crooks.

If you think the banks are honest then you need to do a little research on how the FED came into existence. The Bankers pulled a scam on the American people in 1913 and it's been going on ever since. I doubt this country would even be in debt without the FED.

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