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Comment: "He is under marching orders undoubtedly. "

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"He is under marching orders undoubtedly. "

Can you clarify what you mean by this?

What kinds of marching orders? Who is giving them?

  • "They must have been in awe when we did not hang Washington over the bailouts and the NSA already."
  • "They are feeling their way to totalitarianism as quickly as they can as the debt blows up.

Who are "They?" Can you be a little more specific?

  • "We should be talking about free world oil and technology's ability to find it,"

Who are "We?" We meaning everybody? Is it not enough that you are talking about it?

  • They created a false oil shortage in the 70's and got away with it which is the energy oppression we are living under now.

Is this the same They that you talk about at the beginning? They've been around since the 70's? That's a long time. They must be institutionalized in some way.

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Nice first crack, but be a little more specific. If you confused me, you're likely to have confused other readers as well.