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The problems that you discuss are problems encountered

with the State.

And the more that take that free rider option, the more others around them will want to take it, too, because why should they pay extra to subsidize the free riders?

At least in a system where communities are responsible for themselves, the free-loader problem can be handled locally. As it is now, there is no recourse available for those that don't want to subsidize free-loaders.

I expect that if the Lexus owners are effectively given a choice of either subsidizing you so you have nice roads to drive on, or getting an SUV themselves so you can all drive on crappy roads, you get crappy roads and lots of SUVs.

If that's what the market decides, so be it. What's wrong with that? Are you, personally, concerned with the quality of roads that I drive on now? I'm living in the city now, but for quite some time I lived in the country and drove on dirt roads.

Besides that, I used to build roads for a living. I can adequately maintain a road.

Perhaps as the roads deteriorate further, and even the SUV owners are starting to think maybe they should try to get some road repair funding going, your neighbor who used to own a Lexus (and doesn't speak to you any more) buys a surplus tank with steel treads, so any paving you pay for is going to last about a week. But he doesn't need paved roads so why is that his problem?

The first part of the sentence is reasonable and could likely occur. However, if the neighbor can afford a tank, he would've probably already paid to pave the road. In addition, his employer would probably fire his ass for destroying the parking lot at work.

Besides, if I have to put up with those types of problems versus a government using taxpayer money to murder people around the world and devaluing the currency through counterfeit, I'll take the shitty roads.