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Oh uh from your perspective?

I just realized nothing. Er.....(digs toe in dirt) ok nothing NOW I guess but it's imagined as a series and I was thinking the next one is a rundown on the security situation in these various nations and after that kind of an updated "security index" on these nations and to do that we're diving right into history with the pre-Colombian era.

It's endlessly fascinating to look at how these nations operate singularly, as neighbors, as a region and globally. And at one point these academic backgrounders turn into briefs and then the briefs will turn into live reports and then after the trip the reports turn into movement intel.

And I have another motive here. This trip sounds pricey and to the many of us just making it by it might as well cost a million. But mark me on this brother and the body here assembled, if I don't bring back something for "the rest of us" then I am not Smudge Pot.

And I am altogether sure I am still Smudge Pot. The classification matters not but they will amount to one heck of a nice pile of originals. I do hope and pray. Because I know in my bones that we need more options. Oyate yanipictelo! The People Shall Live!

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