Comment: Excellent suggestions!

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Excellent suggestions!

Would love to hear more and in more detail. We're not holding back information, we want to share as much as possible. What do those areas have to see in terms of our potential investment groups?

My one input is...well not too many people realize how FREAKING LONG South America is and while the equatorial regions are pretty much the same, in Patagonia it's wintertime, the Patagonias are freaking cold and barren and we are adding on flight time.

What do you think is a good legth of time for this tour? I'm trying to keep it to 10 days. And the thing about Argentina to me is really about the currency situataion. I'll be writing more on this but one thing playing out right now is will Uruguay's policies lift them out of the situation where "Argentina catches cold and Praguay and Uruguay sneeze?"

Your experience is invaluable, I urge you to continue to add it! And we're still flexible. We can tweak this plan to suit evolving situations.

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