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I have no way of knowing someone

else's motives. I can deduce or guess, but even with closest friends and family, one never really knows. Reading this forum, it would be easy to argue that Rand might have a fierce desire to be considered his own man. The Romney endorsement made me uneasy too, but it did make a clean distinction in the eyes of the punditry between Rand and his father. Propogandopoulis introduced him as having his feet in both factions of the party. That's a tough position to be in, but so far, he's doing it well. He's picking smart battles, and winning them. Rand wins! In that cesspool, with his gene pool, that's pretty cool. If his father doesn't begrudge his choices, why should we? You know his father is proud.

The insistence in this forum for perfection in candidates and representatives is maddening. The ruler by which ya'll measure the son of the father is irrational and unfair. You penalize him for not being someone else. That's crazy!

I'm leary of Ted Cruz. He seems a little sleazy. But I am completely confident in my vote for him over David Dewhurst. Yikes, that Dewhurst is a snake!

Until Rand is actually running against his father in the same race, why not put down the comparisons and enjoy a new battery of tactics, in our endeavor to restrain the beast?