Comment: BAM! Not a lot of people talk about that but Argentina is Europe

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BAM! Not a lot of people talk about that but Argentina is Europe

Most people think of "expat communities" as a new thing but German immigration started happening generations ago and a LOT of them came over. I think the Italian immigration thing had been happening pre-WWII but post-WWII saw another huge wave of people from lots of places per above.

Yes, some Nazis fled persecution to South America but way, way, way more Jews and others did too.

Now there's this other factor. Argentina isn't as belssed with soils and a year long growing cycle like it's Northern neighbors and the Spanish settlers that originally conquered it didn't see as much need to import slaves as they did with plantation model agriculture. In fact, they didn't see a great need for the natives they had so they exterminated more of them than other places. So Argentina is about as white a place as you might find. With the USA getting browner and browner, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference in pictures.

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