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Alex has thought long and hard about what you say.

He'd probably agree with you about his excitement level being over the top.

But this is what he says, and I paraphrase: "Instead of attacking me the messenger, pay attention to the message. I'm not perfect. But I am animated by the fight for Liberty. I know some of you all may be turned off by my sarcasm, my energy level, my antagonism, but I can't please everybody. Look at the fruits of what I have accomplished by being me. Millions of listeners. A powerful impact on the Liberty movement. Please move past the mote in my eye and work on the beam in your own, and let's work together in doing what we can to thwart tyranny and enlarge Freedom."

I completely disagree with this statement of yours, "Alex Jones continually says he has a lot of news, but his constant sarcasm prevents him from relaying it to his listeners." A quick listen to his show or glance at Infowars proves you are incorrect. He reports MOUNTAINS of news, contrary to your assertion.

Further you say, "Jones' sarcasm & antagonism degrade his show into the entertainment category, when the only reason one would have to listen to his show is to hear news."

His show is obviously not remotely an entertainment show, but I wish he'd do more entertaining. However, he doggedly sticks to reporting and commenting on the news and getting out his correct worldview in a very educational manner. You seem to want to just "hear news" and have the human element of commentary removed. Which totally negates the personal nature of the ALEX JONES show. It's Alex who has added value. People listen to hear HIS thoughts and opinions. HE is what makes him unique.

It's okay to not like him, but why waster your energy attacking an heroic champion of Liberty and enemy of tyranny? I think you would do well to ponder the idea that a house divided cannot stand. There's something to be said for unity. There's something to be said for looking for the good, or at the glass half full. Negativism doesn't solve problems. But through teamwork and unity, the Liberty movement can be unstoppable, as Ron Paul has said repeatedly.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford