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In The Beginning......

"The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth His handiwork"

They witness to a "Divine Creator"

The Bible goes into detail about this "Divine Creator"

One of the main themes throughout the entire Bible is the "accountability" of man and his actions, yes, even his every word and thought unto God.

Ungodly man cannot have that, and so they have come up with this unbelievably insane preposterous, utter ridiculous nonsense of something they call the "Big Bang" and all that followed, thus removing any though of God and His demands upon all flesh.

Evolution's main focus is to eliminate ALL belief in the Bible.
That is it's purpose!
There is NO other purpose for evolution no matter what these liars may say!

If evolutionist can do that, then there is no need whatsoever to believe in some book that is filled as they say, with fairy tales and lies and therefore the God written about within it's pages cannot be trusted or even believed to exist.

Evolution is a damned lie from the very pit of hell!
It mocks the very Word of God!


What a person thinks about the Bible, is what they think about the One who gave us that precious Book.

It was the Lord God Almighty that gave us His Book, that precious Book we who love, and trust it's every precept, call the Holy Bible, the very Word of God.

This Book, reveals to all mankind just how everything began and came into existence through the very power of the Word of God.

It tells us who God is, who we are, and what God expects of us, even demands from us.

It not only tells us how to live and love one another (pitifully as we do most times), it tells us the consequences if we do not do those things God commands.

It tells us of the fall of man and our sinful nature and that we cannot keep the Law perfectly and therefore are guilty of all our sins, and what we need if we are to be forgiven and given eternal life.

That need is Jesus Christ the Lord!

This Jesus Christ the Savior, His life, His many works and miracles, His mercy, His atonement for sin is given us these accounts in this precious Book from God so that all who would read, listen to the Word, believe on His Word of Truth might be saved!

It tells us not only how everything began, but how everything will end!
Everything did NOT begin with a so called "Big Bang" surely will end with a "Big Bang" as it is written in the 2nd epistle of Peter chapter 3 verse 10:

"But the day of the Lord shall come as a thief in the night werein the heavens shall pass away with a GREAT NOISE, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works therein shall be burned up"

It is the Book of Truth!


From beginning to end, it is God's Book, God's perfect plan of salvation through Jesus Christ His Son, the Way, the Truth and the Life for all who come unto Him seeking forgiveness.

To put this so called "Big Bang" of evolution as the beginning of all things is to openly and willingly deny the very God of the Bible and the Christ who gave Himself as the Perfect Sacrifice for all who would believe on Him AND His Word and to call God a liar.

Those accepting evolution over the Bible and that turn not away from that damnable lie, and do not turn unto the Almighty, WILL BE DAMNED FOREVER!

The Good News of the Bible is that you can be forgiven of ALL your sins if you will heed to the Word of God and turn from your sins and turn to God and ask that Christ Jesus would be your Savior and give you a new heart and eternal life.

"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My Word shall never pass away" saith the Lord Jesus Christ!

May some, if not many, come out of this very dark, wicked damnable devilish LIE of evolution and come into the glorious Light of Truth through the very Word of God.

It is written "Lying lips are an abomination unto the Lord"
It is written " ALL liars shall be cast into the lake of fire which is the second death"

Let these very telling words from the mouth of God shake you to your very core that you might fear His wrath to come and repent of your ways and turn unto Him while you still have the breath of life within you, lest you perish forever in your sins.

I am an ambassador for Christ, and speak the very Truth that has been commanded by God to share with all the world and so I do as do all His who are a true and faithful witness.

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~