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Not to start an argument haha

but this touches on something I have said for a long time on here.


Government Type does not matter. This includes anarchy. (and is the reason it will never work)

If the people are immoral, you will have corruption, period.

A basic breakdown:
Dictator: Moral, Benevolence.
Dictator: Immoral, Destroyers.
Anarchy: Moral, Freedom.
Anarchy: Immoral, Destroyers.
Republic: Moral, Freedom.
Republic: Immoral, Slavery, then Destroyers.

Which would you prefer?

Dictator forms of governments who are moral can allow their people the same freedom as long as they rule. However if they are not moral, they will soon turn on their people, use, abuse, and destroy them.

Anarchical systems that are moral will also grant the same freedoms we all desire, except unlike dictated governments, we get to choose when we are free. However if those living in anarchy are immoral, they will be no different than a dictator with an army, enslave, kill, rape, and stealing from any they can just to get by, or because they think its fun.

Republic forms of government with morals like ALL OTHER FORMS give us the freedom we desire. An immoral republic however, unlike the others is hard to change because the people (believe it or not) still have power. Only a fraction of the people must remain moral to keep a moral government running. This gives us the longest chance possible to fix the problems in society without killing eachother every time. A republic must go through several forms before it can fathom becoming a destroyer, first and foremost, slavery through "protection".

While all forms of rule can lead to the deaths of its people, the dictator can choose to kill at anytime, as can those in anarchy.

Only the republic is guarded against unchecked aggression, and yes I have heard the "hiring" out police during anarchy, but it is no different than a kings army, loyal only to those who pay them, and is still an unchecked power.