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That's what we get around here in winter..

You hear everyone talk, even the radio dj's, about how in Oklahoma everyone stocks up and has accidents over 1/2 inch of snow. What these fools forget, or simply don't understand, it's not the 1/ inch of snow but the 1 inch of slick ice below it. A monkey can drive on snow, but black ice is a killer. When it hits here I usually grab a thermos of coffee, some cinnamon schnaps, some blankets and my chains. We then fill up with diesel, put her in 4 wheel drive, and cruise the back roads where dingbats seem to think they can drive uphill on ice for some idiotic reason. Last year I came across a woman with three small kids who were stuck in a ditch and freezing. I asked her why in the world she would be out with her kids. She told me she had to have trash bags to clean up all the Christmas paper from the day before. You just can't fix stupid.